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CE Spotlight: Brian Elliott!

Updated: Nov 20

Hailing from New Jersey, Brian Elliott made his way to Cincinnati in May of 2019. He found his way onto Cincinnatus Elite almost immediately, and quickly established himself as one of the most talented runners in the area. While he specializes in the longer distances of the full and half marathon, he can still bring the speed in 5k's. A great addition to the team and he has only just begun to tap into his potential! Read below to find a little more about his history in running.

Name: Brian Elliott

Age: 26

Birthplace: Mount Holly, New Jersey

College: University of Delaware

High School: Lenape High School

PR's: Marathon - 2:41:57, Half Marathon - 1:13:04, 8k - 27:29

1. When and where did you first get into running? 8th grade, I was looking for a new fall sport to do and a bunch of friends were already running.

2. What is the most memorable race in your running career? The good old days of high school, junior year, a meet at our local community college. I was not one of our better runners that year, but had an absolute breakout run that day and finished in the top five... it just so happened that nearly all of the top ten runners that day took a wrong turn on the course and got lost.

3. Favorite running memory from 2019? The Boston Marathon. That last turn onto Boylston with stands of people cheering is amazing!

4. All-time Favorite running shoe/brand to train/race in? On cloud flow to train in, Nike vaporfly 4%'s to race (very original)

5. Favorite running workout? 1200m Intervals

6. Favorite Pre-Race hype song? Headstrong by Trapt

7. Go-to Post race beer? Dogfishhead 60minute IPA

8. Favorite pro runner and why? Des Linden, that grit during the 2018 boston marathon in horrendous conditions was an amazing race to watch

9. What races do you plan to run in 2020? RIP spring season plans. For the fall the AirForce half marathon, the Columbus half marathon or full marathon if my schedule allows for it.

10. What are your running goals for 2020? Sub 1:13 half marathon, 1st military at Air Force

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