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CE Spotlight: Will Shrantz!

Updated: Nov 20

Cincinnati born and raised, but currently residing up in Michigan; Will

Shrantz has made a huge impact racing both locally and beyond. He has been a core member since the start of Cincinnatus Elite and is coming off a monster year in 2019. Get to know a little bit about Will and what he plans to do in 2020!

Name: Will Schrantz

Age: 23

Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio

College: Iowa State University

High School: Sycamore High School

PR's: Marathon - 2:31:56, Half Marathon - 1:10:39, 10k - 32:48, 8k - 26:30, 5k - 15:56, 3k - 9:22, mile - 4:41, and beer mile - 10:06 lol

1. When and where did you first get into running?

I wanted to be faster than my younger brother when I was in 5th grade so I started to tag along with him and my mom on runs and I hated it. I really didn't get into competitive team running until 7th grade.

2. What is the most memorable race in your running career?

Boston Marathon 2018. The horrible weather combined with hypothermia combined with flying out with 14 of my closest friends from college and hanging out in Boston with them.

3. Favorite running memory from 2019?

Running a 2:31 at the California International Marathon. I would not have thought that time was possible even a few months ago.

4. All-time Favorite running shoe/brand to train/race in?

To train in, New Balance 860's (have gotten the same model for 10 years now), for racing probably Nike Vaporfly Next %'s.

5. Favorite running workout?

Tempo Intervals

6. Favorite Pre-Race hype song?

California Love by 2pac.

7. Go-to Post race beer?

Rhinegeist Truth or Coors Banquet.

8. Best skill outside of running?

I can whistle through my nose.

9. What races do you plan to run in 2020?

Some indoor 5k's in winter, the Shamrock Shuffle in March, maybe the Pig half in May, the CRIM in August, the Chicago Marathon in October will be my big focus and maybe CIM again in December if I'm feeling good. Lots of smaller races in between.

10. What are your running goals for 2020?

Run a sub 70 half and sub 2:30 marathon.

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