• Kyle Klingler

Kyle Klingler featured on the Champion Next Door Podcast!

Updated: 5 days ago

A few weeks ago, one of Cincinnatus Elite's Co-Founder's, Kyle Klingler, was featured on the Champion Next Door podcast hosted by Andy Schweitzer. This podcast is set up to highlight some of the top local runners from around the Dayton, Ohio area. On this episode, Kyle goes into depth on much of his own personal running history, as well as a lot of what went into creating Cincinnatus Elite with Jack Randall. It was a great opportunity to be featured on such an awesome podcast! Check out the episode below:

Andy manages Ohloru, a Dayton based competitive running blog. This blog is home to all things running such as race recaps, training advice, the podcast, and more. It also offers individualized coaching. We definitely recommend checking out Ohloru further! You can find out more at the following links below:


Instagram: @ohloru

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