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About The Team

Cincinnatus Elite was founded by two passionate runners and University of Cincinnati graduates, Kyle Klingler and Jack Randall. As avid members of the UC Running Club in college, they shared a long-term goal to develop a similar post graduate club centered around local training, competition, and comradery.

     In 2019, that goal came to fruition. Gaining interest from fellow UC Running Club graduates as well as talented alumni from local NCAA and club programs, the team strives to lead the way for competitive distance running in the area. By leveraging Cincinnati’s established running events, clubs and community, Cincinnatus Elite hopes to build upon and continue the momentum.

The Logo

Cincinnati was named after Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, a Roman military leader during mid 400 BC.  He brought much success and victory to Rome, and is a legend known for his virtue and leadership. Cincinnatus Elite looks to be a leader for distance running in the same manner.

The logo was designed by Rob Hungerman, a local designer from our very own city of Cincinnati!


The Original Logo

Emerging to the running scene in 2019, Cincinnatus Elite needed a logo that gave them an identity based off the roman history of Cincinnati. The original logo accomplished that feat and is displayed on the classic Red Singlets often seen at races.

The Original logo’s inspiration was drawn from that of a Roman soldier’s helmet and was designed by Ryan Emerson Vest.

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