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About The Team

Established in 2019 by two passionate runners, Kyle Klingler and Jack Randall, Cincinnatus Elite is a high-level running team for top open and masters runners in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our powerful network of runners is united by their dedication to competition, camaraderie, hard work, sportsmanship, and most importantly, the love of the sport.


As we have grown over the years, our mission has stayed the same, to provide a supportive community where top athletes are inspired to continue growing and achieving their best at local, national and global running events.


By joining Cincinnatus Elite, you gain access to weekly team runs, group workouts, exclusive events, product demos and discussions, and a community that is there quite literally every step of the way. 


The Logo

Cincinnati was named after Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, a Roman military leader during mid 400 BC. He brought much success and victory to Rome and is a legend known for his virtue, humility and leadership. Cincinnatus Elite looks to be a leader for distance running in the same manner.

The logo was designed by local designer, Rob Hungerman.


The Original Logo

Emerging to the running scene in 2019, Cincinnatus Elite needed a logo that gave them an identity based on the Roman history of Cincinnati. The original logo accomplished that feat and is displayed on the classic Red Singlets often seen at races.

The Original logo was designed by Ryan Emerson Vest.

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